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Congratulations for taking the time to look after yourself. This site is designed for a lady like yourself. One who has made the decision that TODAY IS THE DAY to take control of her life, her lifestyle habits and her mental health! 

It is time to start living life to the fullest you can, using what you learn in this site to create a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy life - FREE of old patterns, doubts and ideas.

Old patterns, doubts and ideas that have helped you to stay in the same old pattern of feeling frumpy, tired, angry and yes, even overweight!

Feeling free and healthy puts joy, laughter, dancing and FUN back into your life, every week, every step, every day!

Join in the fun and laughter, chat with like minded people, share your progress and just FEEL FREE to LIVE!

Thanks for trusting us to make a difference to you.

Sandra Venables

Feeling Free & Healthy

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